Art and Spirituality

« The art is the mirror of soul,
the scanner of mind and the identity of the one creating it. »

« The truth of art depends on the spiritual sensitivity of a human being. Stronger is his sensitivity, clearer is the truth of art. On the contrary, weaker is the sensitivity, more art becomes like a delirium and takes an artificial shape, which attract society people. The eartdegree of sensitivity depends on the education of the spiritual thought, that is to say an ethic and moral that contain fair and correct sensitivity. »
« The art exists in every human being like a deposit, but it's the way to manifest it which differs and depends on our relation with our « beyound ». For instance our relation between music and the musician's hands: more the skill of hands is developped by the knowledge of music, more the music's voice takes a real shape. Otherwise it gives a superficial sound that please those who know nothing about music."
The spirituality and art are born with the human being. Through life on earth, they are next to human being in harmony. This means that human being is born with art, he grows up with, he's fed with, but he is unaware. As the spiritual developpement reaches a high level, the art emerges as a kind of ethic and moral. As a consequence, for developping art, a human being needs to develop his original spirituality and put it in practice. The relation between art, spirituality, ethic and moral, looks like a square where each side, if we go all over it, leads automatically to go all over the other side. This is why they are linked like chaines one to the other. This is why art means knowledge of oneself. The knowledge of oneself means wisdom. Wisdom means spiritual understanding. And spirtual understanding leads us to the aim of our essential purpose that is the square. If we go around this square, we arrive to the keystone that is called the knowledge of rights and duty in life. In reality, the application of these rights and duty is a real transition that leads us to our eternal aim. This is the real meaning of life. And here is the relation between art, spirituality, ethic and moral.