About me

Franck Hamid Taghavi is born in Iran. From his childhood, he spends long hours in his grand-father's workshop, an undisputed master of persian calligraphy, who teaches him his art with love. Later, his passion for the painting drives him to learn the persian miniature next to two famous artists who already performed with his grand-father, but it will be only at the end of his studies in chemistry that our painter willl show his skills and his paintings inside his university. After many years of silence, but work, it is finally France that will make of him an original artist : he will influence and go into modern art in detail and will have the audacity and this spirit to combine three kinds of art. Currently, Franck Hamid Taghavi, PhD in Engineering chemistry, has made more than a hundred works of art that are a perfect symbiosis of calligraphy and asian miniature's paintings as well as the modern occidental painting. Thus, each canvas is a final bunch of bright and pastel colours in harmony with miniatures creating a universe of light, where we can notice the qualm of his creator, the personnality of the artist.
Dr. Franck Hamid Taghavi