Dr. Taghavi

Who is speaking inside of me ?
I keep silent, though this bustling voice is resounding.

Before the Creation, only was the nonexistent. In the beginning, only was the Verb. The Verb was God and God was the Verb itself The Verb took shape and since then remain between us, making the light of God visible to our eyes. The Verb set off and created Love. Love expressed itself and thus the Art was created. From the movement of the Art, forms, features and colors were created. All these fused together, then started to dance while adoring only God The music of my soul came to life from a drop and my face took shape. And then my existence was written. This is how I was born. This is how I found myself, the fruit of Love, the presence of Creator's love and thus I am playing an integral part of the picture realised by the paintor of the eternal who impart me the awareness and the knowledge. Then came the time to know myself and to love. My scientifical studies and the achievement of two PhDs in chemistry and industrial integration psychology did not take myself away from the way to the knowledge of my personal alchemy. Years of effort, love and patience devoted to my spiritual education made me aware of the existence of this Verb. I still keep silent, the Verb that exists inside of me is so powerfull that it comes to life and blows the creation of my paintings. Each of my canvas tells a story of my Love and gratitude for the word Eternal. While creating, the Verb moves and gives rise to features of my paintings that I am observing as you are doing. The Verb living and dancing creates the color but the brush is in my hands. I am submit to that Verb. I am not able to translate and even less to name my canvas but I invite you to discover and to contemplate them to find the Verb.