Dr. Taghavi

How to live better?

Question : What should I do at firs place?
Answer : Always Remember your past, take the lessons and maxims without fearing because the knowledge of faults is the first step towards victory.

Question : How to use the present moment usefully ?
Answer : With effort, perseverance, trust and approval in your faith, prepare this present instant for tomorrow and know that the quality of your thoughts creates the quality of your life. And each instant of the present moment must belong to the construction of tomorrow.

Question : How to build our future ?
Answer : Don't be afraid of future because your effort, perseverance and approval have built this future and with no doubt you can see from now on your future.

Question : What should I do with my doubts ?
Answer : Faith with a healthy and educated reason will lead you to the certainty and no doubt will agonize anymore. Doubts are like empty balls that will disappear and in place of it, will come right beliefs even if you dont have the knowledge.

Question : Can I trust I my beliefs?
Answer : When your beliefs will be arriving to certainty according to right principles, don't have doubts anymore, you can.

Question : Is physical beauty important ?
Réponse : At first place, it is not important who you are, what is important is that you are usefuful,even if it's just for one person or for one sparkle of the creation. It's then that this internal beauty will replace external beauty.

External beauty leads you to rebellion, explosion, while internal beauty leads you to modesty..
Question : What, in me, has to be the most important
Réponse : Be correct and sincere, with honesty and rightness, live with piety and with contentement. This is a great commandement and this has to be your heart and not your shape.

Question : How to progress in life ?
Réponse : The success is in the knowing of know-how, but your progession is the practice of your knowledge and not to reach the result.

Question : How should I learn from others' experiences ?
Answer : Even animals know what they have to eat and how to protect themselves. Life has also keys and experiences, you have to learn these points and you have to learn them from others. The key is the correct knowing of spirituality.

Question : How I have to be ?
Answer : Be aware and awake, and with knowledge and spiritual understanding, lead yourself. With comprehnsion and love open spiritual worlds. Get out your resentment and replace it with forgiveness. With your inner sincerity, lead your life, not with external power.

Question : Do we have the power ?
Answer : If you know who you are, what you have to do, why you came and where you have to go, at this moment, the sky and the earth and everything that is inside belong to you. Try to use it for getting close to the source and not for your own demonstration.

Question : What is the aim ?
Answer : Life is a place for learning et deepening of spiritual knowing for the knowledge.

Question : How the knowing uses spirtituality?
Answer: As long as you don't have the knowledge, you cannot live correctely. And as long as you don't live correctely, you cannot feel spirituality. Spirituality and the Creator of spirituality come from knowledge.

Question : Where can we find a legal pleasure?
Answer: I don't see any pleasure higher than the knowledge. Inside spirituality there are a lot of knowedge. The knowledge of the blessing is higher than the bessing itself. The blessing is the knowledge. If you don't know how to use it, you become ignorant.

Higher is the knowing, better is the progress of your reason and the action improves. And more reason and actions are progressing, better is the spiritual understanding, the coomprehension and the perception field extends. It is at this moment, that we go from knowing of self to knowing of God. You become worshipper of God, this is the final aim.